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Evokation: A one-page HTML5 portfolio website and theme.

Evocation - Portfolio is a one-page HTML5 portfolio website template. It is fully responsive and designed with ease and calm. Evocation Portfolio has a clean, crisp, and simple theme with an eye-catching animation. Also, full screen wallpaper and modal YouTube video player are two handy options.

Vrisini Evocation - The portfolio is fully populated with the latest features and benefits such as hero headers, maps, modal image grid, SVG icons, etc. Flexible and easy to understand code structure to make changes easy. Create portfolio with Slides and get a unique website.


  • Clean and clear design

  • One page template

  • Fully responsive

  • Full screen wallpaper

  • Animated Background

  • Loading the scroll animation

  • Sliding style

  • YouTube video player with modal view

  • Photo grid with modal image view

  • Feature Cards

  • SVG icons

Inclusive, additional and exclusive

Each standard purchase of a "One Day Website" comes with the following list of items: -

  • Basic Contao installation (latest LTS version) on your server.

  • All standard content element templates as required for the different website sections.

  • Basic logo and color optimization and implementation on the website.

  • Dummy site structure of the website.

  • Placeholder content and images for the different sections of the site.

  • User guide with the directory of the various templates, classes and other configurable elements required to render the various content layouts on the frontend.

  • Our friendly support via chat and email if you ever have any problems with setup or even in the future.

  • A comprehensive one-year warranty against any defects not discovered during implementation.

The following is a list of the additional items that you can order with your basic purchase:-

  • News, blog, frontend login, if available on your website, must also be ordered when ordering in the website configurator (part of our purchasing system). The content you receive in the standard package is dummy content and does not have the expected functionality. However, the required templates are usually available in the package.

  • The online shop and the associated functionalities must also be ordered in the website configurator.

  • Domain and hosting are not included in the order. However, they can also be ordered in the website configurator. We offer domains and hosting services from reputable partners, and our server support team is at your disposal in any situation when using hosting services through us.

Price:- 99/- 49/-


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